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CAMECA Partners with Nanoelectronics Organization for Semiconductor Development

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

CAMECA Partners with Nanoelectronics Organization for Semiconductor Development

Madison, WI (March 15, 2023) - CAMECA, a business unit of AMETEK, Inc., and a leading global provider of microanalytical instrumentation and metrology solutions is proud to announce a a three-year Joint Development Program with Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre (IMEC). IME is an international rese4arch and development organization, active in the fields of nanoelectronics and digital technologies, with headquarters in Belgium.

The use of atom probe tomography (APT) is still relatively new in the integrated circuit industry. IMEC's acquisition of an Invizo 6000 will contribute to its advanced R&D for future logic, memory, and interconnected architectures, with roadmaps extending to 2030 and beyond. This partnership will also contribute to the advancement of the APT technique, as IMEC and CAMECA have agreed to collaborate to gain insight on how APT can benefit the integrated circuit industry.

“This is an extraordinarily important partnership,” said Dr. David J. Larson, CAMECA Director of Marketing. “Not only for CAMECA and IMEC, but for microelectronics manufacturing worldwide. We are very excited to work with IMEC to shape future innovation in microelectronics.”

This three-year project intends to:

  • Further understand the current applications space for APT within logic and memory development

  • Identify metrology gaps in future logic and memory devices where APT is a potential solution

  • Provide feedback in the creation of relevant next-generation logic and memory structures

  • Work with microelectronics manufacturers directly to optimize APT for metrology

  • Create a training program for industrial as well as academic APT users

Upon completion of this Joint Development Project, CAMECA hopes to expand the role of atom probe tomography in microelectronics manufacturing and R&D and to help develop more robust semiconductor manufacturing worldwide.

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From its inception in 1929, CAMECA has been renowned for its precision mechanics, optics, and electronics. The company started in France as a manufacturer of movie theater projectors, before rapidly evolving into a provider of scientific instrumentation for the international research community and in-fab / near-fab metrology solutions for the semiconductor manufacturing industry.  Located at our headquarters near Paris, France, as well as at our Atom Probe Technology Center in Madison, Wisconsin, our plants are state-of-the-art facilities, using best practices for clean room production, computer networking, electron and ion optics simulation, and advanced CAD.  CAMECA has sales and service locations in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, USA, and a wide network of agents, ensuring the best level of support to all users. Our mission is to focus on instrumental development to offer our customers the highest analytical performance in their specialized characterization fields.  CAMECA is a business unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global provider of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with 2021 sales of $5.5 billion.