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Atom Probe Tomography Webinars

Atom Probe Tomography Webinars

An expanding collection of instructional on-demand webinars on Atom Probe Tomography.

An Introduction to Atom Probe Tomography

Looking for a brief overview of the technique? Perfect for sharing with researchers just starting in APT.


Our webinars are now available to view as archived videos. 

AP Suite Software: Configuration Menu 4/7/2020
AP Suite Software: Installation Guide for Analysis Module 2/27/2020
Data Navigation and Filtering Options in AP Suite 6 1/28/2020
Approaching Perfection in Atomic Positioning: From Image Compression and k Factors to crystallography mediated reconstruction 6/27/2019
Approaching Atomic Perfection Part 2: Crystallography Mediated Reconstruction 7/30/2019
APT&M Semiconductor seminar 7/11/2019
APT&M Webinar Pole Indexing 7/26/2018
Atom Probe 5.1 6/27/2018
Atom Probe Analysis of Catalyst Materials PART 1: Aluminum Tracking in Steamed ZSM-5 Zeolites 4/1/2019
Atom Probe Analysis of Catalyst Materials PART 2: 13-Carbon Monitoring in Coked ZSM-5 Zeolites 4/1/2019
Atom Probe Analysis of Catalyst Materials PART 3: Deactivation Mechanism in NOx Conversion in Cu-Exchanged Zeolites 4/1/2019
Atom Probe Tomography of Additively Manufactured Materials, Part 1: Intro to AM Methods and Maraging Steel Case Study 4/30/2019
Atom Probe Tomography of Additively Manufactured Materials Part II: Titanium and Nickel Superalloys 5/29/2019
 Atom Probe Tomography at Eurofins Nanolab Technologies: A Microscopy Service Provider Perspective 12/7/2021
High Impact Research: Applications of Atom Probe Tomography in the Geosciences with Dr. David Saxey 3/30/2021
High Impact Research: APT and Thermoelectrics 6/22/2021
High Impact Research: APT research in Pyrite Ore Deposits – Is There Real Gold in That Fool's Gold? 11/23/2021
High Impact Research: Atom Probe Tomography Reveals Nanoscale Structure and Composition of Tooth Biominerals 10/12/2021
High Impact Research: Cryogenic Atom Probe Tomography to-date 5/25/2021
High Impact Research: Dielectrics and Insulators – Physics and Applications 2/2/2021
High Impact Research: Geoscience Using 3D Atom Probe Tomography 11/24/2020
High Impact Research: Infrared Lenses with Myungkoo Kang of UCF 11/9/2021
High Impact Research: Lithium Ion Batteries using Atom Probe Tomography 8/17/2021
High Impact Research: Metals and Alloys using 3D Atom Probe Tomography 9/1/2020
High Impact Research: Nanomaterials using 3D Atom Probe Tomography 9/29/2020
High Impact Research: Nuclear Materials Easy as PIE (Post Irradiation Examination) 3/2/2021
High Impact Research: Semiconductors 1/5/2021
High Impact Research: Superalloys 9/14/2021
High Impact Research: Wet Atom Probe Tomography Specimens 10/27/2020
Easy 3D Nanoscale Analysis with Atom Probe Tomography 8/20/2020
Introduction to Applications and Technology of EIKOS-UV 10/29/2019
Introduction to EIKOS-UV and AP Suite 6 7/17/2019
Vacuum Cryo Transfer Module: A Suitcase Solution 8/29/2019
Introduction to IVAS LT 4/16/2019
IVAS 101: A Simple Step-by-Step Methodology to Reconstruct 3D Atom Probe Datasets 6/14/2018
IVAS 3.8 Overview 3/27/2018
IVAS 3.8: 2D Field Evaporation Simulator 1/10/2019
Technology of APT: Scripted Acquisition 8/31/2021
Technology of APT: Investigation of hydrogen embrittlement in high Mn TWIP steel via correlative microscopy (ECCI and APT) 6/8/2021
Technology of APT: Pole Indexing and Spatial Distribution Maps. What's Your Orientation? 5/11/2021
Technology of APT: Advanced Specimen Preparation - How and Why 4/13/2021
Technology of APT: Time to Knowledge - Specimen Preparation and Data Acquisition Automation 3/16/2021
Technology of APT: Ranging, Peak ID, Peak Deconvolution: The Basis of Everything You Do in APT 2/16/2021
Technology of APT: Cluster/Precipitate Searching 1/19/2021
Technology of APT: Grain/Phase Boundary Analysis 12/8/2020
Technology of APT: Reconstruction and IVAS 11/10/2020
Technology of APT: Specimen Preparation 9/15/2020


FUNdamentals of Atom Probe Tomography. Presented by CAMECA, hosted by Materials Research Society.

This free, on-demand webinar provides a fundamental introduction to atom probe tomography (APT) and 3D nanoscale imaging mass spectrometry, with a focus on interpreting the resultant data. Further, we explore how APT can create more efficient energy-producing materials, and how the technique can be applied to new applications. An overview of applications in metals, semiconductors, and insulators, with examples of how atom probe tomography has been applied to solve real-world problems, is provided. This introduction to the technology and applications provides insight into how you can use APT in your research.

MRS APT Webinar July 2020

Rob Ulfig provides background on the history, science, technique, and applications of Atom Probe Tomography. Also includes extensive Q&A with Rob and webinar participants. Requires an MRS log in to view. Click the image.