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Atom Probe Tomography Webinars

Atom Probe Tomography Webinars

An expanding collection of instructional on-demand webinars on Atom Probe Tomography.


New webinars to be announced soon! 

Looking for on-demand webinars? They are all hosted in one convenient location.

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An Introduction to Atom Probe Tomography

Looking for a brief overview of the technique? Perfect for sharing with researchers just starting in APT.


FUNdamentals of Atom Probe Tomography. Presented by CAMECA, hosted by Materials Research Society.

This free, on-demand webinar provides a fundamental introduction to atom probe tomography (APT) and 3D nanoscale imaging mass spectrometry, with a focus on interpreting the resultant data. Further, we explore how APT can create more efficient energy-producing materials, and how the technique can be applied to new applications. An overview of applications in metals, semiconductors, and insulators, with examples of how atom probe tomography has been applied to solve real-world problems, is provided. This introduction to the technology and applications provides insight into how you can use APT in your research.

MRS APT Webinar July 2020

Rob Ulfig provides background on the history, science, technique, and applications of Atom Probe Tomography. Also includes extensive Q&A with Rob and webinar participants. Requires an MRS log in to view. Click the image.