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Atom Probe Tomography Webinars

Atom Probe Tomography Webinars

An expanding collection of instructional on-demand webinars on Atom Probe Tomography.


July 14  Li-Ion battery development, hosted by NATURE
July 26  Management of an Atom Probe in a Multi-User Facility, hosted by Northwestern University and UIUC
August 9 IVAS LT and AP Suite Collaboration License
August 23 Tentative - a discussion on light alloys, with Brunel
September 6 Tentative - Fusion materials, hosted by Oxford University
September 20 Tentative - Understanding how to go from carbon reduction to hydrogen reduction in steels, with MPIE
October 18  AP Suite - new functions not in IVAS 3.8
November 1 Reconstruction techniques, ranging advice, run conditions and more needed for geological applications, Curtin University
November 8 High Impact application from Curtin and other institutions reviewed using the recon techniques

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From Atomic Scale Characterization to Nuclear Reactors: How Atom Probe Can be Used to Identify Fundamental Mechanisms in Nuclear Environments, hosted by Dr. Andrew Hoffman, Lead Scientist, GE Research. 
Nuclear reactors are extreme environments which have many environmental effects which occur simultaneously including irradiation, corrosion, aging, and creep. This can cause unique oxidation of materials, enhanced precipitation, and kinetically driven (rather than thermodynamically driven) segregation. Many of these phenomena can be detected using other methods, but techniques even as high magnification as transmission electron microscopy fail to deliver both high resolution atomistic scale chemical information, 3-D chemical mapping, and suffer from limited chemical resolution. Atom probe tomography can provide new insights into fundamental mechanisms and microstructures in nuclear materials which have significant impacts on nuclear materials performance. In this webinar we will discuss some of the specific topics in nuclear materials development and how atom probe can be used in combination with other techniques to understand materials behavior in extreme environments.
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Atom Probe 101: Insights and outcomes of teaching an inaugural APT course, hosted by Dr. Greg Thompson.
In 2021, the University of Alabama offered an introductory graduate course in atom probe tomography (APT). This class aims to become a counterpart to other analytical courses, such as electron microscopy and scattering methods in materials. Such courses provide a formal opportunity to education students in the foundational and practical aspects of using such instruments in their research. Collectively, these techniques are applicable to multiple disciplines and as such the course construction was geared to assist students with varied STEM backgrounds.  In this inaugural course, nineteen students from programs in metallurgy, materials science, mechanical engineering, physics, and geology were enrolled.  This webinar will provide an overview of how the course was constructed, including the topics and sequence followed, homework sets (that required the use of the IVAS platform), and impressions receive from the students as well as myself as the instructor.  This webinar is ideal for those that are interested in developing educational modules, workshops, or formal university courses on APT.
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VCTM - FIB to LEAP, into LEAP.
A review of the processes followed to load and unload the VCTM from the LEAP and a FIB SEM

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An Introduction to Atom Probe Tomography

Looking for a brief overview of the technique? Perfect for sharing with researchers just starting in APT.


FUNdamentals of Atom Probe Tomography. Presented by CAMECA, hosted by Materials Research Society.

This free, on-demand webinar provides a fundamental introduction to atom probe tomography (APT) and 3D nanoscale imaging mass spectrometry, with a focus on interpreting the resultant data. Further, we explore how APT can create more efficient energy-producing materials, and how the technique can be applied to new applications. An overview of applications in metals, semiconductors, and insulators, with examples of how atom probe tomography has been applied to solve real-world problems, is provided. This introduction to the technology and applications provides insight into how you can use APT in your research.

MRS APT Webinar July 2020

Rob Ulfig provides background on the history, science, technique, and applications of Atom Probe Tomography. Also includes extensive Q&A with Rob and webinar participants. Requires an MRS log in to view. Click the image.