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AP Suite 6

The Atom Prober's Toolkit for Data Analysis Workstations
AP Suite 6.3 is a user-friendly, collaborative platform to seamlessly manage your entire Atom Probe Tomography (APT) research projects within one single environment. AP Suite 6 incorporates a database-centered workflow through the Data Navigator and Asset Manager modules.

  • Data Navigator: Where APT sample projects are created and where the data resulting from those projects is organized and accessed.
  • Asset Manager: Where specimens are created and where lab & specimen storage locations are tracked.
  • IVAS 6: Once a dataset is identified for further analysis, loading it into IVAS 6 can be done with a click of the mouse.

Ideal for multi-user facilities
AP Suite 6.3 is designed as a collaborative, multi-user platform to serve the APT needs of any member in your organization: user-specific logins can be assigned, enabling security based on individual access rights. If you have external academic collaborators that need AP Suite access, you should see if they qualify for the AP Suite Access program that provides free access to a full version of the latest release of AP Suite analysis software.”  

Easy navigation & data preview

AP Suite 6 communicates with your database of scientific projects, samples, previously acquired data and analyses. You can preview results within the data navigator with no need to load it in IVAS.

AP Suite is now available for download

     •Effective with the introduction of the AP Suite 6 platform, the software numbering convention with respect to free vs paid upgrades has been changed. Paid upgrades for AP Suite 6 and beyond are now only required when the first number is updated; therefore AP Suite 6.3 is available to anyone already using AP Suite 6
     • The AP Suite 6.3 release is for both the data analysis workstations and the instrument control software.
     • The installer available in the link below can be used to update data analysis workstations only.
     • To update the instrument control software, contact your local service representative.
     • Updating to AP Suite 6.3 will require an update to the underlying database, so if your data analysis workstations and your LEAP instrument connect to a shared database, contact your local service representative to update your instrument control software before updating your data analysis workstation.
     • If additional AP Suite 6.x licenses are needed, or if you need an upgrade to an existing IVAS 3.x license. Follow this link for more information.
     • Note, if upgrading from an IVAS 3.x license, only permanent (no expiration) licenses are eligible for this upgrade. See the below link for the AP Suite 6 Upgrade order form.
     • All existing IVAS 3.x licenses (dongles) must be returned to CII as part of the upgrade process.
     • The analysis workstations must be configured with the Windows 10 or 11 operating system and SQL Server Express 2016 software before AP Suite 6 can be installed.
     • The AP Suite 6 software is only available for download from the Web site. This will be the only method for accessing the AP Suite 6 software for analysis workstations. In the event that a hard copy of the software is required, please contact

Note: Please uninstall any previous AP Suite installations prior to installing AP Suite 6.3

Click here to download the AP Suite 6.3 installers and licensing and installation guide (2 GB), version

Click here to download IVAS

Click here to only download the AP Suite 6.3 Software release notes.

Click here to download the AP Suite 6.3 computer system requirements.

Click here to download the AP Suite 6 Upgrade order form.