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APT Sample Request


We at CAMECA are committed to expanding the use of atom probe tomography (APT). To that end, we offer an APT sample process for our customers.

This page serves as a starting point to determine the technical details and goals of your atom probe sample request. Please make certain to provide the requested information so that we can quickly and completely analyze your sample. CAMECA technical experts will discuss the application directly with you. Details provided here can form a strong basis for this discussion and help the process go smoothly.

Information we will require in the forms below:

Description of the sample
sample request graphic 1 1. Full description of sample (if device structure, please include labeled diagram with dimensions as much as possible)
2. Size of wafer/approximate size of sample that can be sent to CAMECA
3. Include markings to which side is “up”

Optical/SEM/TEM/EBSD images
sample request graphic 2
1. Include any relevant optical microcopy/SEM/TEM images of the specimen, indicating the region of interest if possible
2. Please include scale bars
3. Note: if this is a device sample, please include detailed information to help us identify the region of interest!

Goals of APT sample analysis

1. Comparisons that need to be made?
a. Example: compare carbon grain boundary segregation for annealed and unannealed samples
2. Elements interested in detecting?
a. Example: Interested in As implant profile
3. Approximate concentration of elements?
a. Example: 0.5% peak implant concentration 50 nm from top surface
4. Type of analysis desired?
a. Example: bulk composition of 20 nm region after peak implant, 1D profile of As and Si.

Additional Information?

1. Please use as many additional slides as needed to describe your sample, region of interest location, goals of the demo.
2. Correlative microscopy (SIMS profiles, images) can be added here
3. Results of previous APT analyses can be included here
4. Examples of other useful information include any publications or references that would be helpful to the technical team at CAMECA

To initiate the sample request process:

Step 1: Download, review, and complete this.pptx form of sample requirements.
Step 2: Complete the Sample Request form below.
Step 3: Upload the completed sample requirement document along with the request form.
Step 4: Your CAMECA sales representative will reach out to you with next steps.
Note: our typical demo timeline is 1-3 months after receipt of the samples. Emailing the forms is not a guarantee of demo acceptance

If your work is confidential and you would rather contact us via email, start the process by clicking here.