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MSA 2020 Major Award WInner Dr. David N. Seidman

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Major Awards of the Microscopy Society of America honor distinguished scientific contributions to the field of microscopy and microanalysis by technologists and by scientists at various career stages, as well as distinguished service to the Society.

The 2020 Major Awards Winners include Dr. David N. Seidman for his work in the Physical Sciences.

Dr. Seidman has long been a supporter of Atom Probe Tomography, and founded the Northwestern University Center for Atom Probe Tomography (NUCAPT) in August 2004. NUCAPT has since established itself as a world-leading facility for APT research.

We at CAMECA applaud Dr. Seidman's recognition, and extend our gratitude for his ongoing support for, and work in, atom probe tomography.

The full list of 2020 MSA Awards Recipients can be found here.