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APT and EBSD investigate additive manufactured titanium alloys

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

New paper! On the potential mechanisms of Beta to alpha prime + Beta decomposition in two phase titanium alloys during additive manufacturing: a combined transmission Kikuchi diffraction and 3D atom probe study.

This paper, authored by Niaynth Sridharan, Yimeng Chen, Peeyush Nandwana, Robert M. Ulfig, David J. Larson, and Sudarsanam Suresh Baby focuses on the mechanisms of phase transformations in addivitely manufactured Ti-6Al-4V during cooling.


The work, a collaboration between CAMECA and researchers at ORNL and University of Tennessee-Knoxville used a combination of transmission EBSD and atom probe tomography to investigate additive manufactured titanium alloys.

Both electron beam and laser directed methods were explored.

The vanadium partition ratio is significantly greater in the sample fabricated with the electron beam additive manufacturing.

Read more in the Journal of Materials Science.