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New Webinar! Vacuum Cryo Transfer Module: A Suitcase Solution

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Be on the forefront of Atom Probe Tomography with cryo transfer!

Hosted by Katherine Rice (CAMECA), and featuring Rob Ulfig (CAMECA), Peter Clifton (CAMECA), Urs Maier (Ferrovac) and Rick Passey (Thermo Fisher Scientific) during the live Q&A session, this webinar will provide an overview of cutting-edge cryo transfer work being done with atom probe tomography.

Why Cryo Transfer?

Cryo transfer can enable or improve the ability to collect atom probe data in difficult applications, such as:

    Rapid oxidation studies (e.g. uranium, lithium, aluminum)
    Catalyst/reaction chamber studies of surface contamination
    Characterization of hydrogen embrittlement of steel
    Transport between various analysis modalities (e.g. FIB, TEM) under vacuum conditions
    Analysis of "soft" (i.e. biological) materials

Vacuum Cryo Transfer Module: A Suitcase Solution, will provide an overview of this exciting investigative approach and answer your questions with by a live Q&A with industry experts!

WHEN: August 29, 11 AM CST.

Register here.