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LEAP Access Program

The LEAP Access Program is a CAMECA initiative to provide LEAP access to groups, post-doctoral researchers, and graduate students new to the technology, it reflects our commitment to help scientists access the highest analytical performance and accelerate discovery processes in their specialized fields.

The grant will be awarded to groups new to APT with strong proposals demonstrating the need for 3D subnanometer chemical information to further their research.

Successful proposals will be annouounced on a quarterly basis. They will be sponsored with up to $5,000 and benefit from professional project guidance from CAMECA and partner organizations with expertise in the technology. Funding will cover sample preparation, travel, accommodation, and LEAP access.

When accepting funding from CAMECA, research groups commit themselves to delivering a 3-6 page extended abstract of their work within three months of the completion of their research. These topics will be promoted to the atom probe tomography community and are expected to be published by the primary author, keeping CAMECA aware of all publications arising from the funding.

To apply, please fill the Application form at this link
Print presentation of the LEAP Access Program: Download pdf (495kb).