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In the Era of Nano-Geochronology with APT - Parts 1 and 2

Friday, November 11, 2022

Geochronology is the science of determining the ages of rocks and geological events. This branch of the geosciences is therefore key to answering fundamental questions of planetary evolution, the geological processes that shaped our Earth, and evolution of life and past climates. With analytical volumes 5 to 6 orders of magnitude smaller than classic geochronology techniques, atom probe tomography (APT) is the highest spatial resolution technique capable of isotopic measurements. In this webinar, we will study some applications of nanogeochronology in the geosciences, with a particular emphasis on the U-Th-Pb system. Case studies include nanogeochronology of zircon (ZrSiO4), monazite (REEPO4), baddeleyite (ZrO2) and xenotime (YPO4) with implications for event responsible for building mountains and extra-terrestrial bolide impacts.

Both sessions are now available on demand at our Thinkific website. Follow the links below for these presentations and all of our APT webinars. Registration is free.

Part 1

Part 2

About the presenter:

denis fougerouse
Denis Fougerouse
Research Fellow
Curtin University

Denis Fougerouse is research fellow at Curtin University. He completed his geology BSc (Saint-Etienne) and MSc (Nancy) in France before moving to Australia for his PhD (UWA).

His current expertise gravitate around the use of high-end analytical instrumentation (atom probe tomography, EBSD, NanoSIMS, LG-SIMS, synchrotron radiations) to geological applications, in particular ore minerals and accessory phases used in geochronological studies.