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High Impact Research: Pyrite Ore Deposits

Friday, November 12, 2021

The history of mining can be traced back to early humans and the search of appropriate rocks for making tools. The use of Earth’s mineral resources was critical to the advancements of civilisation and will be key for the energy transition.

This webinar will present some examples of APT application to the study of ore minerals and their implications for the understanding of mineralisation processes. A particular emphasis will be placed on pyrite (FeS2) because it is a common mineral associated with gold deposits and it has received the largest amount of work.

Two presentations!

On Demand: live Q&A with Denis Fougerouse.

On Demand: live Q&A with Robert Ulfig.

About the presenter:

Denis Fougerouse is an Australian Research Council research fellow at Curtin University. He is originally from France where he completed his BSc (Saint-Etienne) and MSc (Nancy) in Geology before moving down under for his PhD at the University of Western Australia focusing on gold mineralisation in Ghana.

His current expertise gravitate around the use of high-end analytical instrumentation (atom probe tomography, EBSD, NanoSIMS, LG-SIMS, synchrotron radiations) to geological applications, in particular ore minerals and accessory phases used in geochronological studies.

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