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High Impact Research #10: APT for Thermoelectrics

Monday, June 7, 2021

Thermoelectric devices directly convert heat into electricity. This environmentally-friendly approach is particularly attractive as an alternative to non-renewable fossil fuels for power generation and to harvest waste heat. Science-driven optimization of the thermoelectric materials requires a deep understanding of the correlation between microstructure and thermoelectric performance on the near atomic-scale.

In this webinar, we will focus on one class of thermoelectric materials — Heusler and half-Heusler compounds and the atom probe analysis of property-enhancing microstructural features and structural defects. The microstructure of an arc-melted Full-Heusler Fe­2VAl is changed after melt-spinning [1] and laser surface remelting [2].

This webinar will first showcase a multi-scale approach to the analysis of microstructural features in these samples, culminating with atom probe tomography, and discuss their respective impact on thermoelectric performance. The second part of the webinar will focus on the Pt-doped Half-Heusler NbCoSn system and demonstrate how the local composition at grain boundaries influences the electrical conductivity.

[1] Gomell et al. Scripta Materialia, 2020, 186, 370-374

[2] Gomell et al. Scripta Materialia, 2021, 193, 153-157

Guest Presenters:

Leonie Gomell joined MPIE in May 2019 as a PhD student in the “Atom Probe Tomography” group of Dr. Baptiste Gault, after doing her masters in Functional Materials at the Philipps Universtät Marburg, Germany. Currently, she is working on microstructural investigations of thermoelectric materials in order to understand the microstructure-property relationship.

Dr. Ting Luo is a Humboldt fellow in MPIE and working in the “Atom Probe Tomography” group of Dr. Baptiste Gault. She joined MPIE in March 2019 as a postdoctoral fellow and was then awarded a Humboldt research fellowship in March 2020. Her research interest is to reveal how the microstructure correlates with the thermoelectric performance for science-driven optimization of thermoelectric materials.

Tuesday, June 22, 9AM CST