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High Impact Research Webinar #7: Nuclear Materials

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

High Impact APT Research Webinar #7: Nuclear Materials, Easy as PIE (post-irradiation examination)

Tuesday, March 2, 10AM CST

Nuclear materials are defined as a broad category of any material used to support human-made nuclear processes, both peaceful and, sometimes, less than peaceful.

These materials - especially in large-scale electrical power plants - must behave as expected to maintain the safety of the surrounding communities.

Research on nuclear materials has increased recently, the result of the combined effects of lifetime extension of nuclear fission reactors, accident mitigation research as a result of the Fukushima accident, and the construction of the ITER fusion reactor vacuum vessel.

Since radiation damage effects can be measured from atomic to millimeter scales, Atom Probe Tomography, in conjunction with other correlative techniques, is critical to developing and monitoring nuclear materials.

Key contributions to the understanding of nuclear materials as well as the future directions of research and funding organizations will be discussed in this webinar.

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Image source Idaho National Laboratory.