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Technology of APT: Scripted Acquisition

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Programming your atom probe with Scripted Acquisition

Scripted acquisition represents a breakthrough development in atom probe acquisition.  The ability to dynamically change acquisition conditions based on live data ensures the ability to choose acquisition conditions that are most appropriate for a given layer in a multilayer film or allows the user to create a design of experiments by changing conditions throughout one acquisition.  Scripts can be written in either C# code for advanced users, or through a graphical user interface called Script Builder for novice coders.  The user can set up conditions to be applied in a particular state, as well as determine a trigger for the next state to be reached; for example a concentration of a particular ion.  CAMECA’s Scripted Acquisition feature saves the user time while enabling advanced atom probe acquisition.

In this webinar, we detail some of the functionality of Scripted Acquisition, details on how to create your own scripts, and examples of how this can be used for applications. 

 Available on demand.