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Intro to Atom Probe Tomography Webinar #4: Reconstruction and IVAS

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Atom probe tomography is unique in microscopy because the actual microscope is not solely the beautiful three-chambered vacuum system, but also incorporates a computer and analytical software. In this way - combining instrumentation, computer hardware, and advanced software - APT establishes itself as the highest sensitivity analytical technique available.

This webinar will cover the practical aspects of data reconstruction; provide analytical tips and tricks to obtain better data; will touch on advanced reconstruction techniques and the future of reconstruction with examples from IVAS and AP Suite, CAMECA's latest software release.

Hosted by Rob Ulfig, this webinar will clarify APT data analysis procedures, and address any additional data issues you may have in a live Q&A.

WEBINAR DATE: Tuesday, November 10, 10AM CST.

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