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High Impact Research Webinar #4: Geoscience Using 3D Atom Probe Tomography

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Nanolyze this: ROCKS

Just a decade ago, very few geologists were aware of Atom Probe Tomography.

Today, APT is fast-growing application both in general research labs and dedicated geological research groups around the world. Geologists know that giga-sized movements of the Earth’s crust are governed by the nanoscale distribution and mobility of atoms in geologic materials. The rapid growth of APT in this application space is driven by the necessity of understanding these nanoscale processes and the recent availability of high-performance UV-laser pulsed atom probe systems.  

In this webinar we will review several high-impact geologic discoveries enabled by atom probe tomography.

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(image of zircon sample provided by Dr. David Snoeyenbos. EPMA analysis by D. Snoeyenbos on a CAMECA SX Five)