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V APTM and APT User Meeting 2021

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Virtual APT&M and APT User Meeting 2021
Monday, September 27 -  Friday, October 1
Virtually: via PNNL and CAMECA. On site: CAMECA

Please join us for the 2021 combined Virtual-APT&M conference hosted by PNNL, and the Hybrid Atom Probe Tomography User’s Meeting, hosted by CAMECA. Our goal is to share new techniques, technologies,
and information to further the use of APT in research and industrial applications.

For those of you that can make it to Madison, Wisconsin, we are planning an in-person meeting
that will be shared with those that are attending remotely.

 V APT&M Topics Monday through Wednesday  Hybrid APT User Meeting Topics Thursday and Friday
  • E.W. Müller Young Scientist Award
  • AP Suite and ACC Automation
  • APT standards discussion
  • Updates on the development of APT hardware at CAMECA
  • Opportunities enabled by cryogenic and environmentally controlled APT sample transfer
  • Review of specimen preparation, transfer and storage accessories, and consumables (share your innovations!)
  • APT applications for structural and functional materials, including battery and catalysis applications
  • Building tour (streaming video)
  • APT techniques for understanding materials degradation
  • New Helios G5 HX FIB capabilities (automation, etc.)
  • APT use with minerals and bulk oxides
  • Technical/practical discussion of quantitative hydrogen analysis
  • J.H. Block lecture
  • Technical/practical aspects of high MRP APT and potential applications
  • IFES steering committee elections
  • Discussion and social events as allowed by local health code rules

Visit for additional information about Virtual APT&M speakers, agenda, registration, abstracts, award nominations, and more. Click here to download the flyer.

Watch this space for updates on and to register for the APT Users Meeting.