APT 2019 User Conference Abstract Submission

Do you have Atom Probe Tomography research to share? Submit your abstract for this year's user conference.

Abstract submission guidelines are listed below, or simply click this link to download instructions for later review.

Thank you. We look forward to meeting you and reviewing your Atom Probe work at this year's conference!


Toward A One Page Abstract on Atom Probe Tomography

A.N. Onei, A.N. Twoii, A. Threeiii, A.N. Fouriii, R.M. Ulfigiv

iImago Scientific Instruments, 6300 Enterprise Lane, Madison, WI 53719, USA

iiCAMECA SAS, 29 Quai des Gresillons, 92622 Gennevilliers Cedex, France

iiiA Great Place to Visit and Discuss Science in June, Madison, WI, USA

ivCAMECA Instruments, Inc., 5470 Nobel Drive, Madison WI, USA

It is instructive to consider what constitutes the ultimate abstract for a user’s group conference.  In this case, it must be no more than one page including all figures, tables, and references and it should be based on this example. Abstracts that do not meet the guidelines may be modified to fit them or excluded by the meeting committee. Please do not edit the margins or text size of this template.

Potential Sessions:  1. APT of Environmentally Sensitive Materials 2. Data Reconstruction and Analysis Techniques   3.  Innovative Sample Preparation and Applications   4.  APT Best Practices and Parameter Spaces 5.  Poster Session:  Examples of APT Applied to Answer Questions in Materials Sciences

A limited number of session topics will be selected for oral presentation by the session leaders.  If you wish to be considered for an oral presentation during a session, please include the word “PRESENTATION” on the last line of the abstract (Maximum 2 per attendee).  Abstracts for oral presentations should be technique oriented, not materials/results oriented. All attendees must register in advance for the conference and make their own travel arrangements. More information is available at:  https://www.atomprobe.com/keyaptlinks/apt2019

All participants are encouraged to prepare a poster of their work or can bring any APT oriented poster prepared within the last 12 months [1]. Session leaders may invite other formats such as Figure Supported Questions to promote discussion. 

Abstracts should be submitted in MS Word format via email. The email body should include, “Abstract, 1st Author Last Name, Title”, PRESENTATION (or) TOPIC. The meeting committee thanks you in advance for your attendance and contributions to the science of APT [2].

EIKOS 300x250

[1]     R.M. Ulfig, Journal Name. Volume (Year).

Text Box: FIG. 1. a) Your favorite figure here if you wish to include one. b) Figures are encouraged, but not required. Color figures encouraged, but will be printed in grayscale (distributed as a color PDF). All text should be legible.

[2]     The last reference can include acknowledgements or other notes at the discretion of the authors.