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Product Sales Leader- Atom Probe

Mission Statement :

To ensure the product line meets CAMECA objectives of sales and profitability.

Main Objectives of the role:
  • To lead current sales activity of CAMECA with the respect to the atom probe product lines.
  • To ensure the APT product line meets long-term targets for order intake, revenues, profit and growth.
  • To contribute actively to the product line evolution to ensure it remains up to the market standard and meet its expectations including in term of technology, performance, applications and prices/costs.
  • To define the product line policies (pricing policy, warranty policy, marketing approach and strategy, etc…) and ensure it is understood and applied by the sales forces.
  • To coordinate with the activity of the applications lab to ensure priorities for customer demos, applications development and training are aligned.
Requirements :
  • Experience with sales of capital equipment/analytical instrumentation including responsibility for profit margin
  • Strong materials science and/or instrumentation background including familiarity with advanced microscopy or surface science techniques such as APT, TEM, SIMS, XPS, etc.
  • International selling experience.
  • Willing to travel.
  • Located in or willing to relocate to Madison, WI.
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Materials Analysis Opportunities at Intel: Sr. Materials Analysis Engineer - 2 positions available

Postdoc position:
TEM/APT analysis of metallic glasses at Max-Planck-Institut fur Eisenforschung
in Dusseldorf, Germany

Project: The project with a duration of three years aims at generating ductile metallic glasses. This was shown to be achievable by controlled partial crystallization via electric heating. However, the underlying mechanisms are not yet clearly understood. In particular in what order what phases form upon heating and how these influence the mechanical behavior requires clarification. The successful applicant will characterize the sequence of crystallization and the mechanisms of deformation by APT and TEM - also in combination on the same specimen.

Applicant: The candidate should have a strong materials science background and should have gathered distinct experimental and analytical skills in either TEM or APT (ideally in both), throughout his / her PhD. Excellent English skills are mandatory. We are an equal-opportunity employer and offer an international, ambitious environment for basic research-oriented candidates who want to perform competitive and cutting-edge research. Salary is determined by the TVöD, level 13. We invite excellent candidates (materials science, physics, engineering) to send a scientific CV including full course and grade documentation as well as transcripts (including grade scale), concise specific motivation letter, the best three publications and at least 2 letters of reference to the email address:

Postdoc position:
Nano-characterization of functionalized glazing stacks by atom probe tomography at Saint-Gobain


Saint-Gobain, the world leader in the habitat and construction markets, designs, manufactures and distributes building materials, providing innovative solutions to meet growing demand in emerging economies, for energy efficiency and for environmental protection. Saint-Gobain Recherche is one of eight major research centres of Saint-Gobain. Based in Paris area, its main research areas are related to glass, layers, surface coatings, building materials and habitat in general.

The thin films department in collaboration with the joint unit SG /CNRS « Surface du Verre et Interfaces » work together to design the functionalized glazing of tomorrow. In the case of insulating glass, this function is obtained by a transparent silver thin coating that reflects infrared radiation. This metal layer is embedded within different layers (metal, oxide, and nitride), in order to adjust optical properties and to protect against corrosion. The characterization of such ultra-thin layers is thus of a great interest to develop new products and improve their energetic performances.

Atom Probe Tomography technique, which is able to characterize the composition of materials at the nanoscale and in 3D, will be mainly applied in this project with the aim to characterize metal layers and their interfaces with the nitrides and oxides.


Isolating glazing stacks comprise several thin layers in the range 0.5 to 30 nm thick. The silver layers (10nm thick) are conventionally deposited on a ZnO layer, usually used as seed layer for crystallization improvement and they are embedded within dielectric layers (SiNx, oxide…) and very thin metal layers (Ti, NiCr…). Depending on the application (windshield, tempered glass), the glazing could be thermally treated at several hundreds of °C: some elements, coming from the different thin layers and from the substrate itself, can diffuse through the stack. The objective of the Post-Doctoral position is to study the behaviour of several layers of these functionalized glasses by means of Atom Probe Tomography technique in order to obtain 3D elemental mappings at the nano-scale.

Under the responsibility of team manager, the candidate will conduct APT characterization on glazing stacks in order to improve the knowledge of this stack at the nano-scale. To this end, he/she is expected to:

- Establish a protocol for tips preparation by FIB, adapted to these materials (glass + coatings)
- Optimize the APT analysis conditions in order to reduce artefacts
- Work on several stacks and coatings
- Report on his/her research activity on a regular basis.

This Post-Doctoral position will be located at RWTH Aachen University, in direct collaboration with Saint Gobain Recherche Center (thin film dept. and SVI joint lab.) This Post-doctoral position will enable the candidate to acquire skills in the field of advanced characterization techniques of thin layers. It will also provide an overview of both academic environment and industrial research opportunities and challenges.

The successful candidate has a PhD with a strong background in a relevant field of thin layer (properties and deposition), physics and/or characterization techniques (eg FIB, SEM…). His / Her approach to research is hands-on, innovative and strongly result-oriented. Good oral and written communication skills (proficiency in French and/or German would be a plus) and the ability to communicate effectively with technical and nontechnical audiences also represent a key requirement for this position.


Oana Cojoracu-Miredin (RWTH):+49 241 80 20270

Denis Guimard(SGR): +33 1 48 39 59 78

Hervé Montigaud (SVI): +33 1 48 39 57 73

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