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- updated 8/1/2016

Learning to LEAP® Opportunities

The options to increase your knowledge about atom probe tomography continue to grow!
Here are some opportunities you may want to consider now and in the coming year.

European Microscopy Congress August 2016 - Lyon, France

The EMC is held every 4 years under the auspices of the EMS.

Since 2004, this European Conference is covering all kinds of microscopy and not only electron microscopy. All techniques, from optics to electronic, receive then a wonderful audience according to the increasing number of delegates participating to this major event, from the European microscopy community but also from outside Europe, making the EMC series a true actor in microscopy at the world scale.


European APT Workshop   2017 - Chalmers Materials Analysis Laboratory

The Chalmers Atom Probe Group is pleased to organize the 2017 European APT workshop. Following on from previous workshops in Oxford, Zurich and Leoben, the main goal of the European APT Workshop is to bring together scientists from across Europe to share current research findings in the field of atom probe tomography.

Detailed information regarding important deadlines, registration and accommodation will be available soon, and updated regularly on this website. For our upcoming E-APT workshop at Chalmers, we have arranged an introductory session to both APT and IVAS on the 20th of September, hosted by CAMECA.  



9th School on APT 2017 - Rouen, France 


This school will provide a thorough background

on the principles of the atom probe technique, from the theory of the field evaporation to data mining. Lectures will focus on the basics of APT with a special emphasis on up-to-date techniques (laser-pulsing, DLD detectors, FIB specimen preparation). Beside this lecture series, practicals are organized including specimen preparation, Field Ion Microscopy, APT analysis and data mining.
Dates and Details to follow

TMS 2017 Introduction to Atom Probe Tomography Course

Atom probe tomography (APT) is now one of the most powerful materials characterization techniques. This development has taken place so quickly that it is not described adequately in conventional textbooks, nor is it covered properly in the majority of existing undergraduate or graduate degree courses in materials science. Therefore, there is an urgent need of one professional development course of atom probe technique. It is expected that the course lecture will provide both beginners and experienced users of atom probe with valuable information regarding overview, technical details, and development progress.  Instructors include David J. Larson, Dieter Isheim, Thomas F. Kelly, and Michael Moody. 

APT User’s Meeting 2017

June 12-15, 2017 - Madison, Wisconsin USA
Registration will open February 15th.

MSA Microscopy and Microanalysis - 2017, St. Louis, USA

Microscopy & Microanalysis Meeting is happening on 23 Jul 2017 at Doubletree Union Station, St. Louis St. louis park, United States Of America.

M&M 2016 Columbus OH, USA

In addition to the very wide ranging sessions covering most of the microscopy applications world-wide, there was the 1st Atom Probe Pre-Meeting Congress Workshop and three full atom probe devoted technical sessions.  Additionally, CAMECA announced the newest model atom probe, the EIKOS

Click here for more information. 



Atom probe featured in new exhibit at
the Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago, IL

This temporary exhibit, features the science behind familiar materials, like plastics and metals, explores where materials science is headed next, and how breakthroughs in materials science have shaped our world. And for the first time at MSI, an Atomic Probe Field Ion Microscope will be on display.

Link to the MSI site.

APT Training - Madison, Wisconsin, USA
On demand training at the CAMECA US factory, or at your lab, customized to your needs. Ask for details and a quotation.

Microscopy Society of America (MSA) - Atom Probe Field Ion Microscopy FIG
Become a member and propose actions to strengthen the community and technique.

Worldwide CAMECA Supported Workshops
CAMECA is pleased to announce it will be soliciting requests to hold worldwide workshops with a focus on training existing and new users.
We are looking for academic or other research institutions to host the events. Please contact if you are interested in learning more. 





CAMECA's New 3D Atom Probe Microscope:












13 June 2016: CAMECA unveils EIKOS during the 2016 APT&M conference in Korea.

EIKOS is a new atom probe microscope providing accessibility to atom probe tomography with increased ease of use and a low cost of ownership. Utilizing standard microscopy sample preparation methods, it delivers nanoscale structural information that is expected to yield a greater understanding of materials for research and faster development of products for industrial applications.

We derived our new instrument’s name from the Greek word meaning ‘image,’ and we trust that EIKOS will bring atom probe tomography within the reach of many new microscopists, researchers and engineers, allowing them to image their materials at the atomic level.

The CAMECA Atom Probe Tomography product line now comprises two families:
  • the LEAP 5000 (Local Electrode Atom Probe), which provides the fastest, most sensitive 3D imaging and analysis with nanoscale resolution across the widest range of applications (metals, oxides, ceramics, advanced energy storage materials, semiconductors and electronics, bio-minerals and geochemistry),
  • the newly launched EIKOS family, which offers accessibility to atom probe tomography with improved ease of use and a low cost of ownership that addresses both research and industrial applications.


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