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  • Updated: June  2016

The job board is a place to post an open position, solicit proposals, or to advertise your skills for positions requiring the unique skills of atom probe tomography specialists. CAMECA does not endorse any position or person below and simply provides this information for your convenience. For positions available within AMETEK, please follow this link.

Employment Available

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Location: Madison, WI, USA
Title: Atom Probe Applications Engineer
Appointment Conditions: Full time
Details are available at the following link:
Job Description (Responsibilities - see link):

  • Experimental atom probe research with an emphasis on FIB-based specimen design and preparation, data collection, data evaluation and overall experimental optimization.
  • Train customers in best practices for atom probe operation and experimental design.
  • Assist sales/marketing in working with external customers to apply atom probe tomography to a wide variety of materials problems.
  • Develop new areas of application for the atom probe microscope in accordance with the applicant’s area of expertise.
Posted June, 2016

Location: Niskayuna, NY 12309
Physical Chemist - Atom Probe Scientist - (17395)
Appointment Conditions:
Full time
Details are available at the following link:
Job Description (see link):

BMPC's Physical Chemistry team is seeking an Experienced Physical Chemist with Atom Probe experience. The selected candidate will perform atom probe research with an emphasis on data collection, data evaluation, and overall experimental interpretation as part of a collaborative team to identify material characteristics, improve fundamental understanding of material behavior, and to support development of improved materials.
  • MS or PhD in a Physical Science, with 5+ years experience in atom probe tomography and demonstrated competency and problem solving experience in areas of metallurgy, alloy testing/development, solid inorganic materials, and/or ceramics.
  • Interdisciplinary technical skills including working with ultra high vacuum instrumentation and electron, ion, and optical microscopies.
  • Experience with other associated techniques, especially SEM/EBSD and TEM applications.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and ability to work well with other team members in a laboratory environment.
  • Ability to work on a team and interact effectively with a broad range of colleagues.
  • Experience in presenting and reporting results in a timely manner and a proven ability to function well in a research environment, set priorities, multitask, and adapt to changing needs.
Posted July, 2016

Location: Colorado School of Mines
Title: Post-Doctoral Position with CSM and NREL
Appointment Conditions: Full time
Details are available at the following link:
Job Description: 
We are seeking a post-doctoral research associate to work collaboratively between the Colorado School of Mines and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory on a high visibility project that concerns the characterization of defects and interfaces in high-efficiency, low-cost III-V photovoltaic materials. Prior experience in focused ion beam sample preparation and a strong crystallography background is required. Experience in Transmission Electron and Scanning Electron microscopies is desired. Training in Atom Probe Tomography will be conducted. The project will begin late spring/early summer 2016. 
Posted May, 2016  (Applications are due .... )

Location: Northwestern University McCormick School of Engineering, Chicago, Illinois USA
Title: Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
Appointment Conditions: Full time September 15th, 2016
Details are available at the following link:
Job Description (Responsibilities):

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, David Seidman Research Group
  • Nb3Sn coatings for use in superconducting radiofrequency cavities.
We are seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher to study Nb3Sn coatings for use in superconducting radiofrequency cavities. The goal is to understand limitations observed in Nb3Sn-coated cavities through investigation of the microstructure. The researcher will focus on studying samples and cutouts using SEM/EDX, TEM/EDS, atom-probe tomography, TOF-SIMS, and profilometry, and correlating performance to surface characteristics. Examples of microstructural defects that are expected to be of interest include small non-stoichiometric regions previously observed in TEM/EDS and XRD investigations as well as surface roughness
Posted July, 2016

Location: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Title: Center Manager
Appointment Conditions: Full time 
Details are available at the following link:
Job Description: The CoE is seeking a talented professional with a high level of knowledge in microscopy
techniques to manage and grow a starting team of 5+ research, educational, and technical staff
and a facility with complex instrumentation running 24/7.
Posted September, 2015

Searching for Employment

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First: Xiandong
Last: XU
Phone: 224-383-8293
Field of Study/Skills: Physical Metallurgy: Twin induced plasticity steel, Cu precipitate steel, Ni based alloy, Al alloy
Atom probe tomography (LEAP-4000Si), Analytic and high resolution TEM (Jeol ARM-200F, FEI F20, Hitachi H-8100, HD-2300), EELS. EDS. In-situ TEM FIB (FEI-Hellios), EBSD (HKL system)
Materials Processing Techniques: Metal Film Deposition and sputtering in UHV
system, Surface modification (oxidation and nitridation) using plasma, Alloy
Designing (Induction melting, arc melting).
Computer Simulations: JEMS (Electron Microscopy Simulation), Thermo-Calc.
On-line profile:
Posted June, 2016

First: Sungil
Last: Baik
Phone: +81222175959
Field of Study/Skills: Advanced materials, Atom probe tomography, Transmission Electron Microscopy,Electron/X-ray diffractions, Omniprobe FIB liftout, EBSD, EDX, EELS
On-line profile:
Posted June 7th, 2016

First: Arul
Last: Kumar
Phone: +32471960034
Field of Study/Skills: Extensive experience on application of APT on IV-IV and III-V semiconductors, with good insight on field evaporation characteristics of compound semiconductors, interaction of a laser with the nano-scaled object and statistical analysis of the data. Past experience on thin film growth and characterization. Programming skills on Matlab
On-line profile:
Posted August 7th, 2015

First: Deep
Last: Choudhuri
Phone: (517) 290-8318
Field of Study/Skills: 
Physical Metallurgy, Phase transition/transformation, Atom probe tomography, Transmission Electron Microscopy (Conventional, HRTEM, STEM / EDS) Density Functional Theory, FIB, SEM/EDX/EBSD.
On-line profile:
PhD in Material Science
Posted June 9th, 2015



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